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I produced an installation outcome for this project which consisted of a moving image video of myself sleep projected onto a pillow embedded with speakers to convey personal intimacy and discomfort with the viewer who is sharing a private moment with ‘me’ that is unconstructed, uncensored and raw. This is symbolic of the all consuming nature of dreams, presenting the lack of control that we possess over them, challenging the boundary between absence and presence.


The interactivity element enables the audience to place their head against the pillow. In doing so they will hear audio from my dreams comprising of both narration and sound effects through the speakers representing my inner mind and the fragmented nature of my dreams. 


A interdisciplinary project which seeks to communicate the intimate and personal experience of ‘sleep’ to a gallery audience, resulting in a body of work that is both engaging and innovative. 


The sequential narrative of image (left) which were taken while I were asleep visually explore the ephemeral moment between dreaming and waking, illustrating the realm where reality and dreams intersect.

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