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Sleep with Me inspired and influenced me to further explore these ideas, thematically, conceptually and technically, in terms of My Final Major Project. This prompted me to examine the darker, richer and more complex aspects of Sleep, delving into our subconscious states.

Night Demons’ simulates for individuals within an audience, one persons encounters with Night Demons, experienced through a physically and emotionally immersive installation. The design and construction of a purpose built white cubic room enables the piece to envelop participants into an experience that is completely focused around the body, enticing and entrapping them in the bed at same time. My intention is for the audience to physically and emotionally engage with the experience, conveyed through a Sound and Vibration piece. 

The primary aim of this project is to cultivate a creative experience which seeks to increase an audiences understanding of the subject Night Demons. Although it can not cover every aspect of this rich, multifaceted subject matter, the installation intends to open the door to peoples understanding of its complexity and the way in which it delves into our conscious and subconscious states. My personal aim for this project is to demonstrate that it is possible to employ an alternative approach to conveying an individual’s experience of its effects, which is typically documented in a Scientific way despite being a physical, evocative and emotive experience.

Installation Surround Sound Track - Night Demons
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