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I am a Photographer, Videographer and Multimedia artist based in London seeking exciting, innovative and fresh projects and opportunities where I can apply my creative abilities and expand my diverse skill set. 

Having graduated from Contemporary Media Practice, an interdisciplinary course, I possess a wide range of skills that can be applied across multiple media platforms encompassing but not limited to modes such as Installation art, Video and Audio Post Production and Photography. 

I am currently a Digital Assistant for Celebrity Blogger and Stylist Natalie Robinson at Style Icon, producing Photography and Video content for her platforms. 

I am fascinated with pushing the boundaries of the potential of Photography as a medium to inspire and to move people and ultimately, tell engaging stories. This is undoubtedly where my passion lies as although my Photography portfolio is wide ranging and broad, it showcases my extensive skillset and adaptable style. This thematic style extends to my multimedia work as my Installation art is very anthropological; for example, two of the most prominent pieces Sleep with me and Night Demons investigate the subconscious state. 

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